Video Gallery

Right Round

Right Round is our most popular non-stop, high energy acrobatic dance act. We have performed this act for NBA half time shows, fundraisers, corporate parties, international festivals, cabarets & private events. 2011 @ Monaco Salsa Festival, FRANCE

No Air

No Air was America’s favorite when this act was performed on America’s Got Talent. It is a popular romantic act for weddings, cabarets, circus tents, dinner shows and black tie events.2011 @ Monaco Salsa Festival, FRANCE


Sleepers is inspired from the Walt Whitman’s poem from his book Leaves of Grass. Set to a reading of the poem, this tender duet uses breathtaking acrobatics and exquisite, unexpected shapes of strength to explore how extraordinary and magical moments can be found in ordinary prosaic experiences. Sleepers is choreographed by Paradizo Dance but was originally conceived, produced, and directed by Circus Boom theater.

Purple Mist

Purple Mist is an intimate acrobatic duet, suspended between tenderness and power. Combining partner balancing with fluid flips, cyclical explosions and tender caresses, Purple Mist evokes the fog of memory and the solidity of passion between lovers.

Como Quien

In Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella, an “aerial adagio,” Paradizo Dance honors the passion of Latin romantica while pushing the gravity-defying limits of their trademark style. Sensual choreography and unique, astonishing acrobatics tell a story of love in this fiery duet. Music is a Mexican bolero by Alejandro Fernandez. Presented by PG & G San Francisco Salsa Congress @ Cococomos, San Fran Nov 2011

Come What May

Come What May was originally commissioned for “Salsorro 2010,” a high class theatrical salsa event in Santiago De Compostela, Spain. Paradizo Dance choreographed an aerial hoop and acrobatic dance duet with the romantic addition of live singers. A duet about everlasting love.


Zéfiro was originally commissioned for “Salsorro 2009,” a high class theatrical salsa event in Santiago De Compostela, Spain. Paradizo Dance choreographed on six guest dancers from Baila Society Dance Company. The piece is performed to live acoustic guitar, harp & violin. Violin. Vocals by Paloma Suanzes in the local language of Galicia region of Spain.

NY Knicks Half Time Show