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c d Photo Credits:
Salsapictures (Martin Walder, Gerry Baldomir, Sebastian Santos) 
Julie Lemberger, Yi-Chun Wu, Win Min, Sylvian Légaré, Erik Bandiero, Sam Habet, 
VB (Valentin Behringer), Canada Salsa Congress, Japan Salsa Hotline, Richardo Tellez, Eric Gillet. personally moving inspirational captivating a b Paradizo Dance 
... transforms, and redefines physical expression through magical illusions of strength, balanced with beauty and grace.  With unusual strength and virtuosity, Paradizo Dance inhabits vertical space to give extraordinary dimension to their work. Their multi-theme repertoire, ranging from the abstract to the romantically narrative, showcases sculptural movement, intimate partnering, and heart-stopping acrobatics!